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Steel Building with Red Roof

Compare Steel Buildings to Wood Buildings

There has often been controversy surrounding which material is better to use when building. Discover the differences between steel buildings and wood buildings with this guide.

We want you to be fully informed in order to aid your decision-making process. Contact us to learn more about our American steel frame services or to ask about constructing metal buildings for retail stores.

 Benefits of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings have none of the issues inherent in wood buildings! There are so many benefits to steel buildings, including:

  • Insects Won't Deteriorate Steel Buildings
  • Pre-Fabricated Steel Frames Significantly Reduce the Amount of Building Waste
  • Insurance Costs are Lower
  • Steel is Maintenance-Free
Barn with Steel Frame

Downsides to Wood Buildings

As a building material, wood has many downsides when compared to our American steel. These include:

  • Cracks, Rot, & Splits
  • Cows Chew on Wood
  • Treated Wood Becomes Vulnerable to Insects
  • Insects—Especially Termites—Deteriorate Wood
  • Wood Ceilings are Filled with Trusses Rather than Open, Usable Space
  • Fire, Wind, & Major Storms Damage Wood Structures More Easily
  • Not Maintenance-Free
  • Insurance Costs are Higher
  • Appraisal Values are Lower
  • Horses Kick & Chew on Wood
  • Nails Back out of Wood